Deep Shift

Welcome to Deep Shift!

We are committed to walking with you and your organization to live most fully into your mission and work in the world.

We want you to know how we approach our work.  Certain values are incredibly important to us, your individual and/or organizational transition coach, values like striving for justice for all creation; living in authentic relationships; discerning and living our callings; and growing into an integrated, generous lifestyle. We will be doing our best to live out these values and to help leaders do the same.

In order to live into these values, we believe fundamental shifts are needed in our lives and organizations…

• in our thinking about our culture and the world’s challenges
• in our understanding of what it means to live ethically in this world,
• and in our leadership and organizations.

We believe that investing in a longer-term process for sustainable change is a more effective way to steward resources for these significant changes than spending money on quick and shallow fixes year after year. We also believe that the best way forward is not a formula or program, but it is to be found within you and your people in your context. Our role is to help you discover your way forward, help you let go of that which is preventing you from transitioning in order to live out your purpose in a rapidly changing world. We are about guiding you through a variety of processes and experiences to help you understand the transformation needed in this world and help you make the changes you need to be who you are called to be in mission to the world in all aspects of your life.

As your coaches, we will do our best to humbly enter into your story individually and communally. We are committed to listening well, honoring your past and present situation and your dreams, and providing a safe space for you to grow in fullness in all areas of your individual and organizational lives for the good of the world. Experiencing Deep Shift…

• will take time.
• may require walking with a coach, preferably one who will tailor the transition process to your particular needs.
• takes hope, courage and perseverance!

We at Deep Shift would love to help you become the person and organization you’re called to become—for the good of the world, for the good of others, and for your good. To learn more, please contact us at